Great Websites for Teachers!

As a teacher, I strive to have different interactive activities for the classroom. I’m fortunate enough to be at a one-to-one school, which means every student gets the opportunity to use technology. There are a few websites that are my go-to when it comes to fun, technology-based activities. Some are specific for English teachers, but many of them can be used to any subject!


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Flocabulary is a website that has different videos that are known as ‘educational rap’. It’s a fun way of introducing or reinforcing vocabulary words or concepts for students. I’ve used Flocabulary for the Writing Process, Foreshadowing, Onomatopeia, Figurative Language, Tone and Mood, and more. Not only is there a video for students to watch as a class or independently, but there are fun activities to do to check for knowledge. After watching a video, students can do a read and response, a quiz, a lyric maker, or other handouts that the teacher can print out. As an English Language Arts teacher, I use Flocabulary A LOT. It’s a vital part of my classroom!


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BrainPop is a website that has educational videos that are scaffolded for young children to understand. BrainPop has a variety of activities that can be done after watching the video. The cool thing about BrainPop is that there are options to combine lessons and quizzes. This is a wonderful feature because teachers can combine lessons in order for students to complete them in a certain order. I know that when there are separate lessons for my kids to complete, they will skip around. This can be problematic when the lessons add on to each other. BrainPop has hundreds of videos for English, Science, Social Studies, and Math! Also, there is a section for English Language Learners, which is great to help scaffold for this population.

Common Lit

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Common Lit is a website that has different articles and stories available for students to read. The articles align with different state standards, and they range from all topics. This website is so essential in English class. Students have the opportunity to read articles and answer some comprehension questions about them. I enjoy using this website because the questions associated with the articles are not just for kids to recall. The questions are well worded to force the students to think between the lines. This helps to develop comprehension skills with the students! I’ve used Common Lit for a weekly reading activity in the past.

No Red Ink

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No Red Ink is a website that helps students with grammar. There is a Pro version, but the free version has enough resources for the normal teacher. No Red Ink offers diagnostics tests and lessons to help students learn more about grammar. I use No Red Ink frequently in class. However, I will say that I have not used it enough lately. This is simply because I find No Red Ink to be useful for the beginning stages of the writing process. I wouldn’t rely on this website for the whole year!

News ELA

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News ELA is a website that has a variety of articles that are leveled to a student’s Lexile levels. I like using News ELA more than Common Lit because you can see the progress of students in News ELA. However, if your school does not have News ELA Pro, Common Lit is a better bet. The Pro version has a real-time data tracker of the student’s growth. Also, students can pick their own articles to read rather than being assigned to them. I love using News ELA, and I think it is essential for any English classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers

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Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that has resources for teachers for free or for sale. This website is amazing to use for all teachers! Many of the resources are made by teachers for teachers, which is great. They have everything from classroom forms, lesson plans, unit plans, teacher binders, etc. I’ve bought a few unit plans and one teacher binder on this website. For any new teachers, make sure to check out my favorite teacher binder that I use!


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.07.36 PM

Kahoot is a website where students can take a quiz in an interactive way. The quiz is turned into a game where students are racing with others to win. It’s a fun game to play and creates some great energy in the classroom. Most of the time, I don’t actually give the students a quiz grade. This is for a variety of reasons. I know that some people do not do well on quizzes like this. Also, I want them to be a bit more accommodated when they take their quizzes. However, I like to use it to check for knowledge throughout a unit.

There you have it! Those are my favorite websites to use in my classroom. I’ve used all of them numerous times, and swear by them. If you have any other websites that you like to use, comment below!

XOXO, Seez


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